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“Good People draws inspiration from artisanal crafts and turns it into a creation of sustainable, timeless, sophisticated collections”

Inspired by the talented women in Madagascar, Good People was created to bring their authentic craft to the rest of the world. All the while upholding our identifying core values:



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Good People bags use fabric constructed entirely from plants. Primarily, raffia fibre is extracted from the palms of raffia trees in Madagascar - leaving the tree healthy to continue to grow. The fibre is then dried, dyed and handwoven on the loom into sheets of fabric to be transformed by our skilled team of over 30 Malagasy women. This process is slow and careful, and can take up to 3 months to create beautiful bags in alignment with our values.


In 2015, our founder, Clémence Goudard, was travelling across eastern Africa when she came to work for a charity in Madagascar. After 5 years of studying Fashion Design & Management in Paris and New York, it was here she conceived the idea for Good People.
She was inspired by the talent and traditions of the local artisans, their ability to turn natural fibres into everyday objects. So, she was motivated to build this brand and train them in quality and how to harness their skills.

“We train them to our quality, and we learn from their talent. We grow side by side, and seek success together. Good People working hand-in-hand”

The business began with just six of these gifted women, and has since grown to over 30 passionate women who design and craft our bags.


Raffia is a powerful source of fabric, just as resistant and durable as leather, but 3 times lighter. And, unlike leather, being plants makes it ecological and sustainable. Once a year the fibre from the raffia trees can be collected, with no harm to the trees. Additionally, the method of harvesting supports the tree’s growth and regenerates the soil. Truly a win-win situation for us and the local eco-system.
Using ancient weaving techniques and know-hows, everything is done by hand to create our fabric - from extraction and drying of the fibres, to weaving the fabric into existence.

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As part of our sustainable mission, we are devoted to using local manufacturing and natural fibres only. So, the raffia is combined with other locally grown and constructed materials such as silk, agave, and cotton.


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