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Ethics first

It's a story of encounters.

It all started in 2015, when our creative director, Clémence, was traveling through Eastern Africa and finished her trip in Madagascar to join a local charity, La Maison d'Aïna.
She was brought there to teach the children French and English, and generally spend time with the children and their families.

After few months blending in with the local community, she discovered the many talents and traditions of the local artisans, their use of indigenous fibers that they turn into everyday objects.


Their creativity combined with the lack of activity inspired her to give them a proper training around quality, with the purpose of creating a whole process of production that would not adulterate their know-how.

That's where it all began.

A friendship, after all

She started by putting up a small workshop where the ladies could gather everyday and start working in the most usual way for them.

Thanks to the help of her local partner, Oilizo, she could explain and maintain the highest expectations as of the quality of each crafts to make sure

the products are neat and perfectly finished. 


At the launching of the brand, it was about 6 women that invested themselves in the project.


Today, over 30 of them gather everyday to design those products with care, love, and undisguised passion:


Our first inspiration lives within those women. 

Good People sustainable handbags woman artisan, from Madagascar
Real craftmanship, regardless of the skill involved, reflects real caring and real caring reflects our attitude
about ourselves,
about our fellowmen and about life.

Spencer W. Kimball
Good People sustainable handbags woman artisan, from Madagascar


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