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The importance of the fabric

With the importance given to a local manufacturing and a number one sustainable production, our second action towards the planet is the use of vegetable, 100 % natural fibers only.

The Good People bags are the result of a meticulous blend of products from the earth:
 Raffia, silk, agava, coton...
All of them are naturally grown in Madagascar.
We use indigenous fibers only, to make sure the product comes out as authentic and possible.

Our goal is not to change the traditions and crafts of our artisans. They don't change; we adapt.

With ancient weaving technics and know-hows, everything is done by hand to create our fabrics.

From the extraction of the fiber, to the dying with natural pigments, the process to create a 150cm x 150cm piece will take about 2 months.

Our products depends on nature itself; Seasons define their quality.

We select only the highest of them to offer unique pieces, with a texture of their own that gives a strong character to the final design.

Not only the whole process of production is respectful of environmental issues, but the exploitation of raffia in Madagascar helps regenerate and rebuild it's forests all over the island.


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