A I N A N I G H T - B&W

A I N A N I G H T - B&W


100% Raffia clutch
Enveloppe size 27x 18cm
Engraved stainless steel lock in dark gold finishing

The Aina bag is the front row product of Good People since 2014.
Already a classic it is the perfect accessory for party nights, cocktails, or inside a bigger bag for a daily use as a wallet that contains your most important stuff.

100% Raffia

100% Handmade by our artisans.
Bag made in our Madagascar workshop
Finishing in our Paris studio

  • Did you know?

    The raphia fiber is a 100% ecological and sustainable fiber that is most important to the planet balance. 
    Not only it's exploitation helps the environement, but it's weaving technique is the most indigenious and traditional craft of the Malagasi culture.

    Buying our products supports the people in need: Our "golden hands", the artisans of our world.