...between Clémence and Madagascar

After 5 years of studying fashion design & 

management in Paris and in New York, Clémence went on her own traveling down Eastern Africa to seek inspiration, then joined a charity in Madagascar.

Mesmerized by the colors, the people, the crafts of the country, she decides to come up with a single design of bags that would be declined in colors and sizes, and that will be entirely handmade by the women artisans of the high-lands of Ambatolampy.

It was in 2015 and she remains the creative director of the brand, travelling the world seeking for authentic crafts to promote.


Clémence at the entrance of "La Maison d'Aina" - Ambatolampy, 2016



The water girls - Ambatolampy, 2017


Good People_Clemence_Goudard_Madagascar4

Weaving with care - Ambatolampy, 2015


Good People_Clemence_Goudard_Madagascar3

First set of the Aina Clutch - Ambatolampy, 2015


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