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Good People draws inspiration from artisanal crafts and turns it into a creation of sustainable, timeless, sophisticated collections 

.What means creation?
It is a simple word that has about three connotations when referred to the dictionary.

First, a creation is an accomplished object.
Second, a creation results of a following of deliberate actions.
Finally, creation presupposes a process, a process that we will call creative process.
This dimension is the more interesting to us.
To what tends our action ?

To us, there is two dimensions to creation:
the purpose, and the aesthetics.
It is not a mathematic object but an abstraction that plays with impalpable dimensions.

Our creations would not exist without their meaning. 
Our difference is the purpose behind each of our products. When you purchase a Good People product, you become part of a beautiful story. 
Behind the looks, our essence is our speech.
The nature of this speech lives within our process, and how our brand

came to it's establishment.

In 3 factors :

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